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lactiful supply max review
Lactiful Supply Max

Lactiful Supply Max

Made by: Lactiful LLC

Street Price: $97 / 300 tablet bottle

Guarantee: Yes

Category: Increase Milk Supply

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Lactiful Supply Max
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 143 reviews
by Hoa on Lactiful Supply Max
Miracle Miracle!

I cannot thank Lactiful enough for making such incredible product. It not only significantly increased my breast milk supply but also increased my confidence as a mom. I was so thrilled that I even made videos about how Lactiful has helped me. Hope that all moms with low milk supply will have a chance to use Lactiful like I did.
Here is the link to my videos:

by Dimple on Lactiful Supply Max

Its worth every dollar spent. It works!!!!

by Mayra on Lactiful Supply Max
Awesome Product

Before I found Lactiful Supply Max, I suffered of low milk supply. I really did my best to breastfeed my son, but was not producing enough milk to fill him and he would cry after every feeding since I wouldnt satisfy his hunger. I went on to supplementing with formula after each feeding giving him 2 ounces of milk to fill him up. I hurt every time I gave him formula for I knew it was not as good as breast milk and being a what I would say Pro at breastfeeding ( breastfed my daughter for 2 full years ) I never went through anything like now. Thanks to Lactiful, I have been producing more milk supply and feel alot more letdowns. I will highly recomend this product to any moms desperate in producing more GOLD for there babies.

by Christina on Lactiful Supply Max

I really wanted this to work for me! I have had a low supply since my baby was born, have tried everything to get it up but nothing seems to work. I followed the directions carefully but there was no improvement.

Response from Lactiful: We're sorry Lactiful didn't help you more this time, Christina. Please be sure to request a complete refund, if you haven't done so already. Simply complete the form on this page:
*****Mommy Product Review allows companies to respond to any review concerning their product. Companies are not required to make a response.

by Kristin Tanner on Lactiful Supply Max

My baby has a heart defect and was in the hospital for the first nine months of life. I've been pumping the entire time and could never make enough until i started taking these. You also have to pump constantly and drink lots of water and rest. I highly recommend. I tried the mothers tea before this and these did much more

by Elsie on Lactiful Supply Max
Satisfied baby

Before using Lactiful I was constantly nursing and my baby still would cry hungry. I could feel my breast were empty all the time. Baby was not gaining proper weight so I ordered lactiful. It took about a week to see difference but I could tell my baby is more satisfied. Is happier and gaining a bit more weight. Sometimes baby will fall asleep full and have milk on the side of cheek. I do not have to nurse as often but still need to nurse every hour and a half to two hours. Near night time I am still feeling somewhat empty and my baby still has to cluster feed in order to be satisfied. But at least gets satisfied. I am happy with this supplement. I do wish increase was greater since I can't hardly get any milk to pump after nursing (sometimes just a couple of drops). But I reordered, I know I would not have been able to nurse this far without this supplement. 3 months and counting!!

by Cindy Petrovich on Lactiful Supply Max
Truly the best!!

Lactiful made it possible for me to finally breastfeed my twelfth baby not only until she was 1 year, but 2!! I was thrilled beyond words!! I have tried so many different herbs, tinctures, and teas over the years as well as all kinds of foods that anyone told me helped increase their milk supply but none of it worked enough that I could continue to breastfeed exclusively for the first year. I would always end up having to start supplementing at 3-4 months and from there on, my milk would slowly continue to decrease until about 6 months when I would dry up. Thank God, that changed when I discovered Lactiful. Yes, it is quite pricey, but when you consider how much you'll spend on formula and how MUCH better breastfeeding is than formula (or in my case, for my 10th and 11th babies I made my own formula because I couldn't bring myself to feed them the commercial stuff anymore) it was more than worth it to me. Now with my 13th who turned 6 mos. today, I'm still only breastfeeding and again am soooo thankful for Lactiful!

by Cam on Lactiful Supply Max
Great product!

This product helped me a lot! I love it! Thanks Lactiful! 🙂

by Taina on Lactiful Supply Max
The answer to my prayers

love this product more then I can ever say. I have tried so many other products nothing worked but when I started lactiful after 4 days of taking it my breast started to get full. I am so thankful for the help, and know that this product was an answer to my prayer. My son is getting enough to eat, he is gaining weight now. I can't help but to keep saying thank you. I didn't have to go to formula at all thanks to lactiful max and the people who created it thank you again. Lactiful Max is what I need and I'm also so thankful for the help
financially! because I wouldn't be able to afford it.

by Shamika on Lactiful Supply Max
Lactiful supply max

I'm a mother of 4 and this is my first
Time using this product. And it works i
Breastfeed all my kids til bout four months or so only cause my milk get low cause i go back to working and im not esting right nor drinking enough so i start falling off but since I've been using this it increase my milk supply by 2 to 3oz. Will continue to use til baby start getting teeth. Thanks lactiful

by Chelsea Frazier on Lactiful Supply Max
Answered prayers

What a blessing to not have to worry about my milk supply. I tell EVERYONE about this product. I show everyone my freezer full of breast milk. When I had my first daughter, I knew I was not producing enough and felt so awful and worried so much about the health of my baby girl. The more stressed I got, the more my milk depleted, but how could I not worry or stress?! I remember thinking that pumping was so useless even though my lactation consultant said I was doing fine and to keep going, but I was pumping for hours on end with MAYBE getting a few drops. It was bad. After one extremely tough day, I tried formula for my daughter. She gulped it down and I cried and cried and cried. She was hungry! From that day forward I continued with formula with my first daughter and I just felt that I'm just one of those women who can't produce the milk needed for their children. THEN, I got pregnant again. I had made up my mind from beginning that I would try breastfeeding but I knew in the back of my mind that it most likely wouldn't work out because of my first breastfeeding experience. Then I saw Lactiful on Facebook. I know, of all places, right? So I decided to order. And my ENTIRE thought process on breastfeeding has completely changed. These pills are miracles. And I KNOW they're the pills that keep my supply going! My boobs are FILLED with milk, seriously, filled. I just got done pumping (my second daughter is now 7 weeks old) and I maybe pumped for 10 minutes and have 6 ounces. Lactiful is amazing! EVERY women who wants to breast feed should at the very least give it a try. And I don't even need to take the recommended dose because my boobs produce "too much"! Ha! Didn't think I'd ever say those words! I figured out what dose works best for me to keep me going and that's what I stick with. After my first bottle of Lactiful I could tell I was slowly getting low on my supply. Ordered another bottle and within the first day I had more milk!

Lactiful is my answer to my prayers. I REALLY wanted to breastfeed my second daughter longer than a few short weeks like my first. And now that I've experienced what Lactiful has done for me, I am confident enough in my supply to know that I can breastfeed as long as I choose to do so. WHAT A BLESSING AND RELIEF!!! Praise God!

by Miriam on Lactiful Supply Max
Awesome Product that Works!

I'm on my second bottle of Lactiful and I truly think that this product is amazing. I exclusively breastfeed my baby boy so am not sure how much total I produce per day, but my baby is happy and I am still able to pump and freeze extra milk. If I am away for 4 hours from my baby and I do pump, I can pump about 7-8 ounces during those four hours which I think is plenty. Before Lactiful, my baby would get fussy at the breast at times and now he seems satisfied. The Lactiful customer service department is excellent and always willing to help! I definitely recommend this product to any mom hoping to increase her milk supply. Thank you Lactiful!

by Astrid on Lactiful Supply Max

I am a mother of two. I was taking the organic mothers-milk tea after I had mastitis and had a decrease in milk supply. Turns out I was actually drinking the no more milk tea instead that suppressed my milk instead of making more. The boxes are identical and I must have grabbed he wrong one.
I had a trip planned for vacation to India and saw the ad for lactiful on facebook. I did qualify for the low income subsidy and got my first bottle. Thankfully it arrived the day before I left on vacation. 20 days later lactiful increased my milk supply tremendously and I can tell my baby is gulping while breastfeeding:) this product is incredible and the response for advice is quick too.
I just ordered another bottle and got one half off.

8 highly recommend this product for moms with low milk supply! It worked for me:)

by Josette on Lactiful Supply Max
Worked for me

I am a second time mother who has had two different journeys breastfeeding my daughters. I have literally tried every type of supplement to increase my milk supply. While Lactiful has not led to engorged breast and pumping 3 ounces each session, my baby does seem to be thriving and does not seem hungry in the least. Perhaps if I were to pump more often I would see a greater increase, but with my schedule and a busy two year old my pumping schedule is about one time per day. I have and will continue to reorder this product because it has worked better than anything else I have ever tried.

by Kelli on Lactiful Supply Max

I used to buy fenugreek, fennel, and blessed thistle separate but now i just get one bottle of lactiful and i love it. They can also help out if you are low income like me!

by Cassandra on Lactiful Supply Max
Highly Recommend

I work full time and when baby was growing and demanded more milk, at least 6oz. per bottle x2 at daycare each day, I was barely pumping between 8-10oz while at work. Definitely wasn't making quota. I did have a stash in the freezer for emergencies, but I couldn't help freaking out because I was barely making what I needed for the next day. I googled what products were out there and stumbled across Lactiful Supply Max. OF COURSE I was skeptical and especially at the price. I was desperate so I figured the worse could happen is I was out of the money I spent. WOW! For me, it took about 3-4 days to start seeing results. I followed the instructions that talk about pumping after baby breastfeeds to let your body know to produce more milk(they have great tips attached to your order by the way) and there I was........up to 12-15oz per day. I did not buy the month after and I was back down to 8-10oz, so I made sure that I bought another bottle and will keep buying until baby and I are both done with breastmilk. My baby never did get gassy or fussy with this product either, which was another fear I had in trying it. Now, I constantly have at least 3 days in advance in the fridge and my stress, tears and fears are gone! Definitely works for me and the money spent is truly worth it all.

by Jordan on Lactiful Supply Max
Wanna Be BF Momma

I am sad to write this review and state the product did not work for me. I was unable to BF my first son for various reasons, but provided some BM for 11 mos ish. I spent the first year of his life depressed because of inability to BF and body image issues (I was afraid to exercise and watch intake in fear my supply would get worse!). Aside from ordering domperidone from outside of the US, I tried everything! Life went on and he is an amazing, healthy little boy. I had a much better attitude when pregnant with baby boy #2. If it worked, great! I was definitely going to try and nurse, but if not- formula would be just fine. With a toddler it would be much harder to invest that much into nursing. However, when my son was born he was transferred to a NICU shortly after birth for breathing issues so I had to immediately begin pumping if I wanted to try at all. After a few weeks of trying and giving everything I had to nursing this baby I was defeated and ready to throw in the towel, but an ad for lactiful popped up on FB. My husband encouraged me to try it stating with the guarantee I had nothing to lose. It is a little overwhelming, but the strategy with the pills does make sense. However, I cannot tell that it did anything to help my supply. Prior to taking the product I supplemented around 3 oz and now supplementing 4-8 oz. I was so hoping this was going to be the answer, like it was for so many others. I will say you are provided with great educational materials and have access to lactation consultants with questions. I was so impressed with the prompt and personal responses to my questions. I also like that the pills are small- I was actually dreading swallowing 5 "horse pills" each time, however, that was not the case. My son did get gassy and it smelled really bad, but that just lasted about a week (I did not follow the gassy instructions in the booklet as fenugreek was already in my system and I was instructed that it would likely be okay). I wish the bottle provided enough pills to fully establish supply/wean so you don't feel compelled to buy a second bottle (and my first bottle was missing 2 pills 🙁 ) Though the product didn't work for me, I would encourage you to try it if you are reading this and struggling with supply to nurse your baby. You have nothing to lose and that little tiny human is worth it 🙂

by Crystal on Lactiful Supply Max
Highly recommended

My daughter was recently diagnosed with a vision impairment due to the stress my milk supply has decreased significantly ,I've tried teas , vitamins nothing seemed to work and the last thing I wanted was to give her formula(which she refuses to drink) so I gave Lactiful Supply Max a try which I m glad I did the company sent me a very helpful information I did not know on breast feeding and pumping milk . Within 4 days I was pumping about 5+ ounces each pump sessions and I breast feed full time not to mention I was able to store milk in the freezer I highly recommend this product .

by Jenna on Lactiful Supply Max
Lactiful saved me and my baby!

I was having trouble with my milk supply. My milk did not come in for 5 days and we were using donor milk. I got mastitis and it was awful. I was so exhausted and we ended up having to supplement with formula. I felt so defeated but did not want to give up on breastfeeding my son I was looking online and came across the ad for "guaranteed " higher milk supply. I figured I had nothing to lose. I was brought to the lactiful website and read the reviews and everything I could about this product. I saw the price and was skeptical as it was almost $100, but my husband bought it for me and he said he read there was a 100% money back guarantee if I wasn't satisfied. When I got my supply they also sent me a PDF on reversing low milk supply. After reading that I felt ready to go. I noticed results the first day! My breasts became engorged that night and I was able to pump 4 oz in each breast! I have been able to feed my son successfully on demand and not worry about running out. I have bought 2 more bottles as I am returning to work next week. This is such a wonderful supplement it truly saved my milk supply and my happiness. My son and husband also thank you!

by Jami Lesniak on Lactiful Supply Max
Lactiful Supply Max

I am so pleased with the results of Lactiful. I was literally hopeless and found myself in tears continually over my short supply. When I found Lactiful I was working closely with a lactation consultant, my pediatrician, and my ob/gyn. I had tried different types of herbal supplements and was producing barely two - three oz of milk in the morning at my best. This number decreased drastically, and I was only able to nurse in the early mornings. By evening my son wouldn't even latch, would scream and cry, and due to his poor weight gain I was forced to supplement. The entire experience was devastating, and it felt like there were no answers or hope. Even my providers were telling me that "I gave my son the best start..." They urged me that it was ok to switch to formula, and tried to comfort me with, "sometimes our bodies do not do what we want them to do..." However, I loved nursing my son and was not ready to give up. I elected to try Lactiful Supply Max and found the ebook to be more helpful then any of those medical professionals combined! I am pumping as much as 7 oz at a time, and the number seems to increase by an oz a day. I pump 4 oz each time in the afternoon and I pump 4 times at work!! I also nurse my son both morning and night to full! We are not 100% off formula yet, but we have more days without formula then with, and when supplementation does happen it's only 3-5 oz. This is completely reversed from where we were! It continues to improve every single day and I am hoping to be done with formula soon. Words cannot express how grateful I am for both the supplement and the ebook. They worked in conjunction to save my nursing relationship! 🙂

~one happy mama

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