Motherlove More Milk Plus Reviews

motherlove more milk plus reviews
Motherlove More Milk Plus


Motherlove More Milk Plus

Made by: Motherlove Herbal Company

Street Price: $18 / 60 capsule bottle

Guarantee: Yes, see Review from Company titled, “Motherlove Guarantee” for information

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Motherlove More Milk Plus
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 17 reviews
by carla dawn costes on Motherlove More Milk Plus

i noticed after taking motherlove more milk special blend drops for 1week my milk supply totally dropped even if i pump for 2 hours. before i can still pump 2 oz. but now only drops. i have read all the reviews and most of the reviews the supplement worked with them. is it normal in my case? instead of increasing the supply, mine was totally gone. i felt really sad and was hoping this will be the supplement that will help me increase my milk supply. otherwise i have to move on and go on formula feeding. ?

by Linda on Motherlove More Milk Plus
Worked for me!

I bought this after months of struggling with my supply. After my baby started teething, she stopped latching on and the pump couldn't empty my milk enough. When my period returned, my supply really suffered and I had to pump for 3 days just for 1 bottle. My left side suffered so much, I wouldn't even get an ounce each pump. After 4 days with this product, my supply is so much better and pumping has become easier. My left breast if producing more and I actually feel empty after pumping. I have tried almost every other supplement but this has been the most helpful!

by Amanda on Motherlove More Milk Plus
Has yet to work for me

I bought this product to increase milk supply so I didn't have to supplement for my daughter but so far there's been no real change, my breasts do not feel fuller and they do not produce more milk. I was hoping it would work for me, I'm going to give it a few more weeks. But after that I may have to switch my baby to formula as much as I don't want to! 🙁

by Claudia on Motherlove More Milk Plus
Motherlove Guarantee

Hello -- we just want to correct your information regarding Motherlove's guarantee. Because everyone's breastfeeding situation is unique and given that herbs can have such a varying degree of success, Motherlove has a full money back guarantee on all of our products. If you have purchased a product from our website and are unsatisfied for any reason, you may ship it back to us for a full product refund (Motherlove will only refund the cost of the product, not any shipping charges). All return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

If you have purchased Motherlove products from one of our retailers and are not satisfied, please return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Thank you!

by Nikia Mattazzi on Motherlove More Milk Plus
More Milk Plus - WORKS

All in one week I experienced a hormonal shift at 4 months, the stomach virus, natural weaning due to introduction to solids to my baby and I missed two important pumping session and my milk disappeared. I contacted a lactation consultant and she recommended More Milk Plus Tincture and it WORKS. I do work, so I have to pump. On an average day I pump between 14-20 ounces. My supply went from 14-20 ounces to 2-3 ounces. It took about 48 hours for the product to take an effect...but it DID work, I am back to pumping 14-20 ounces. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE PRODUCT FOR ANY MOTHER STRUGGLING TO MAINTAIN HER MILK SUPPLY.

by Amanda on Motherlove More Milk Plus
Effects on baby?

It worked but the smell and taste and indigestion was enough for me to stop. and my little one had an adverse reaction to it too..she had explosive diaherria from day 1 when i started taking the supplements.

by blanca on Motherlove More Milk Plus
supply & smell ?

I started to use this product at same time tried a no bake lactation recipe. The next day I did notice an increase to my supply. Not a lot but noticeable. My concern and question to other moms is I started to smell a certain way (funky lol) and my husband attributes to my new supplement. Other moms feel this way?

by Krissy on Motherlove More Milk Plus
did not work for this working mother

This product was recommended to me by the lactation consultant from our OBGYN's office. She recommended this product along with doing additional pumping sessions. I tried doing all the recommendtaions and it just didn't work. Also, the restrictions on your fluid intact before and after the medications, seems to be a bit crazy due to the fact that all nursing mother's drink so much water. I felt that this product was a real let down, and my supply went down when I used it.

by Sarita on Motherlove More Milk Plus
Plus Size mom and It Works!

I read a review that stated that this product ony works for "skinny moms", I am a 243lbs and it works wonders for me!!!!!!!! I suggest that if you are trying to up your supply, give More Milk Plus a try!

by reah on Motherlove More Milk Plus

works for me! day after i started my breast felt more full & i clearly had more milk! i agree with what another reviewer said, you have to do something as well. keep eating healthy while maintaining the higher calories & drink lots of fluids!

by jmommy on Motherlove More Milk Plus
Didn't work for me

I tried this to help increase my milk which was not enough to help my newborn grow and thrive. I found out that I had pp hypothyroditis, and that my milk had drastically decreased due to the abnormal hormone imbalance. I don't believe that anything would have worked at the time. Now I am on thyroid medication and my milk is slowly coming back with excessive pumping. Who knows...It may work now, but I am going to try Lactiful Supply Max. Mother's love tincture tastes really bad. I hope Lactiful allows my milk to return to where it was while nursing my other babies!

by Las Vegas Mom on Motherlove More Milk Plus

I'm a first time mom who struggled with low milk supply. The lactation consultant recommended more milk plus, but I was disappointed fairly quickly. There's a lot of dosing "rules". If you weigh in one range you take 1 pill 4 times a day but if you weigh more than you take 2 pills 3 times a day. You only get 1-2 ounces of water to take the pills and you can't eat or drink anything for 20 minutes before or AFTER you take the pills. It's all a real headache. Besides it didn't seem to work to increase supply. I still really like and recommend Motherlove's nipple cream and massage oil - they're great, but for increasing milk supply Lactiful worked much better.

by Dawn L on Motherlove More Milk Plus
Worked for me

I've been taking more milk plus steadily for 8 months and feel like it definitely increased my milk supply within the first week. I still have to supplement with formula so it's not a miracle cure or anything like that, but I wonder if I'd be able to breastfeed at all without it.

by Amanda Norris on Motherlove More Milk Plus
Only for skinny moms?

My entire mom's club took more milk plus as an experiment and we found that it only works if you are a skinny mom (under 150 lbs.) Out of the heavier moms (like me) none of us saw any increase in breast milk supply, but several of the skinnier moms did. So if you're skinny, maybe it'll work for you.

by Sue Armstrong on Motherlove More Milk Plus
I won't buy again

I had high hopes for more milk plus since it contains a blend of lactation herbs but found that it didn't work better (actually my supply was worse) than when I took lactation tea and fenugreek capsules. So that's what I'm going back to and in fact I'll save a lot of money too! I take 3 cups of yogi nursing mother's tea and 6 fenugreek capsules each day.

by Sheila James on Motherlove More Milk Plus
Works wonders, but you have to work too

This product works wonders, but not all by itself. If you diet your milk production will tank, so be sure to eat plenty of food. Drink lots of water. Breastfeed all the time, like every two hours. Eat healthy, hearty foods like cornbread and sweat potatoes. Get lots of sleep (sleep whenever baby sleeps!) Do these things and take more milk plus and you'll see your supply increase!

by May V on Motherlove More Milk Plus
It helps... a bit

My lactation consultant told me about this product. I wasn't keeping up with my son's milk intake while I was away at work. He was taking 4 ounces while I was away and I was only pumping 2.5 ounces. After taking the motherlove more milk plus I was able to pump 3 to 4 ounces at work. I didn't give it 5 starts because I was hoping for more of an increase with the product being so expensive. It's still cheaper than formula and I know my milk is better anyway!