Mother’s Milk Tea Reviews

mothers milk tea reviews
Mother’s Milk Tea


Mother’s Milk Tea

Made by: Traditional Medicinals

Street Price: $6 / 16 bags

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Mother's Milk Tea
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 16 reviews
by Eliza on Mother's Milk Tea
Amazing results

I think the combination of Mother’s Milk Tea and Domperidone had the best effect ?. Until I started the domperidone my baby may well have fed on blood from a stone. We tried the skin-to-skin, the constant feeding, the teas, the massages, but basically my milk never came in in sufficient quantity. Just as I was about to quit, a friend suggested domperidone (So happy ?? I found “Dombf365” in Google and got Dom). I was able to stop the domperidone after a while and supply held more or less steady.

by Gabby on Mother's Milk Tea

Works wonders for me. I didn't realize what a difference this tea made until I ran out for a week and I suddenly had a little supply of milk. It gets me flowing to no end. Would recommend this to all breast feeding mothers! ????

by Jessica Sanderson on Mother's Milk Tea
Works for me!

This tea worked for me. I drink 2 bags in one big cup. You have to make sure you let them soak. I normally wait ten or so minutes and drink with honey. I don't really enjoy the taste but I got an instant boost.

by Heather on Mother's Milk Tea
Amazing Flourishment

I've been drinking this tea for about 2 weeks now. Before drinking the tea I was only pumping 2-3 ounces a day besides fully nursing him. Well I have since went back to work an needed milk for my baby while I'm away. Since using this tea I've been pumping 7-9 oz 3 times a day plus nursing my son in the evening. I would and recommend this tea to other nursing mothers. Follow the suggested intakes of the tea and you will see the difference.

by Twin momma on Mother's Milk Tea
Do it right & it works!

As a mother to my 2nd set of twins things were going great until about 6 months when I got my first period. Since then (now 9 mo) I notice each month around my cycle time even if I don't actually get a period, my supply almost completely dries up for 1-1 1/2 weeks. I drop from 10+ oz per side at each pumping to 2oz IF I'm lucky! I also breastfeed almost exclusively most days but just pump for days when I have errands or need to leave the girls with somebody for a few hours. When I notice the drop I now drink 3-5 cups per day for the week or so and have noticed within 24 hrs that I will get 5-6 oz rather than 2.

For those who have newborns...your milk generally isn't very abundant the first few weeks as baby's tummy is tiny! Also, the less you nurse/pump the less you will produce! In reading the reviews I feel that some are giving poor ratings but sounds like it may be due to user error. Talk to a lactation consultant. Even if you don't get much pumping doesn't mean baby isn't getting it when they nurse. I often nurse and immediately pump to get increase in supply as well.

by Kim on Mother's Milk Tea

One thing that worked great for me was 2 non Achoholic beers a day.

by Kendra on Mother's Milk Tea
Worked great for me 🙂

This worked great for me. After my daughter was a week old my milk started to slow down so a friend recommended me this product! Hate that it Tastes disgusting but I only have drank one cup so far which was 3 days ago and I have produced a ton of milk now, even in the middle of the night I have to wake up and pump. I pump about 4oz with each breast every 2 hours. I haven't felt the need to drink another cup yet but once I feel I am running low on milk again I'll drink another cup! The only flaw of this product is, is made my stomach cramp and hurt but didn't have the need to use the restroom so only part that sucked :/

by AG on Mother's Milk Tea
so far nothing, but the taste is good

I bought this tea praying and hoping that it would increase my milk supply. I am strictly able to only pump because my son has a few heart defects so I have to know exactly how much milk he is getting at each feeding session. (he won't latch onto my nipple either) I'm only able to pump about 1 1/2 oz on one breast and 2 oz on the other. I'm afraid that once he starts eating more that I won't be able to produce enough for him. I've been drinking 4-5 cups a day for 5 days now and preparing it exactly as it's stated on the box. Sometimes I even let it steep for longer. So far I have noticed no increase at all. 🙁 But I bought two boxes of this tea, so I'm going to continue drinking it until it's gone, and hopefully it will start working soon. In the meantime I just ordered a bottle of the More Milk Plus extract and will try that as well. The taste was horrid to me at first, but after a few days of putting honey in it, I actually like it! I make a big pot in the morning and then refrigerate it for later. It's good both hot and cold. I give it three stars because it may just take longer for me to notice a difference, and the taste is pretty good. I would still recommend this product to nursing mothers since it's definitely worth a try and other moms have had success with it. Not every product will work for every person.

by Lynn Holk on Mother's Milk Tea
Works Great!

This was the best impulse buy! I went from pumping 2 ounces of milk every 4 hours to pumping 5 ounces in 2 hours flat! Give it a try if you're not making enough milk! The taste is really terrible but if you're like me you'll do anything for your little baby. Try adding honey or sugar.

by Ma Ni on Mother's Milk Tea
Just ok

I used to Chinese tea so taste not so bad. Do not feel strong milk increase. More water is good for me.

by Laura Imhof on Mother's Milk Tea
Not sure

I feel like I can not give a fair review because I don't know if it helped or not. I took 3 cups a day and also took extra fenugreek for over a week now and I may have seen a slight increase but it's really hard to say one way or the other. The smell is worse than the taste, so be prepare for that if you give it a try.

by Organic Mom on Mother's Milk Tea
Organic and works

I love organic and I believe this tea works. It helped boost my milk supply a bit after drinking it for several days. My baby seemed a little less hungry at night so I can say it helps somewhat.

by New Jersey Mom on Mother's Milk Tea
No help

Ugg! It tasted like black licorice to me so I was only able to stomach 2 cups a day. It didn't do anything for my milk supply. Maybe if I could have drank it all long it would have work better.

by Alice Navarra on Mother's Milk Tea
Pumping 1 ounce more!

After my daughter was two weeks old I started drinking this tea. It has a licorice smell that I hate, but at least the licorice taste is mild when iced. I make up a pot using five tea bags and then cool it in the fridge and drink it iced throughout the day. Since I've been drinking the tea my pumping has gone up from one ounce to two ounces, so it's worked for me!

by Jessy Benton on Mother's Milk Tea
Didn't work by itself

I had several problems with nursing (cracked nipples, poor latch, ineffective pumping) so after three weeks I decided to wean. I was pumping about 2 ounces per day and breastfeeding just two sessions when things seemed to be getting better. I tried to return to exclusively breastfeeding but found my supply had tanked. I bought a full case of mother's milk tea and found the flavor a bit nasty - but drinkable with milk and honey added. I took the full dosing for one week, then a double dosing the next without success. After that I tried lactiful and increased my pumping output to 4-6 ounces per day (up from 2) and was able to add an extra breastfeeding session. I still have to supplement 4 ounces of formula at each feeding but I think this is okay since I'm trying to hang on to my supply. The tea is worth a try, but it has such a low dose of herbs it won't work for everyone.

by MaryAnn Bellmont on Mother's Milk Tea
A tea that helps moms

I like how the herbs don't come through my pores like when I was taking fenugreek powder. I add splenda to mine to sweeten it and the flavor is not too bad. If you drink all five cups per day you'll increase your fluid intake which also helps milk supply. I docked it a star because if you take it for the whole time you are breastfeeding it get very expensive!