Boppy Pillow Reviews

boppy pillow reviews
Boppy Pillow with Luxe slipcover


Boppy Pillow

Made By: The Boppy Company

Street Price: $45

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Boppy Pillow
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by Kim Powers on Boppy Pillow

Our friends told us the boppy was a "lifesaver" so we enjoyed picking one out while I was pregnant. Once baby arrived I couldn't really use it, it kept slipping off my hips and wouldn't work right. I'm not obese; but I'd say I'm larger than the "average" mom so trust me, the boppy is not for larger people! We ended up buying My Brest Friend and that has been terrific. We considered selling the boppy but now we're going to keep it and use it to help our girl sit up, hence the 2 star rating.

by Mica Renolds on Boppy Pillow
Not Necessary

You've probably heard that the boppy is THE must-have baby accessory. Meh. We've had a boppy for both of our girls but have never used it for its intended purpose: breastfeeding. It doesn't fit everyone. If you have a body type that it's designed for, then I suppose it would be helpful, but it didn't work at all for me. I was also disappointed that the cover, which is only for LOOKS and won't protect the pillow AT ALL just about doubled the cost of the boppy. We used it to put our girls in while we did other things around the house, so if you're looking for an expensive baby chair this might be for you. Otherwise don't bother buying one yourself, if you get it as a baby shower gift, great, but don't spend your own money on one.

by Rachel Ellington on Boppy Pillow
Best Pillow Ever

This boppy pillow is just great for new moms. It supports baby so you don't have to! This keeps your hands free for other activities and after baby gets heavier, it saves a lot of strain on your arms. After baby is older you can also use it for tummy time and for learning how to sit up on his/her own. Great product all around!

by T. Clark on Boppy Pillow
Essential for first time breastfeeding moms

The boppy pillow was great early on in learning how to breastfeed because it gets baby right up close and frees your hands to do what you need to do, which can be challenging when you're first learning how.

Remember, you'll have to buy a slip cover for the boppy which adds to the expense, but there are thousands of covers available so it's a lot of fun customizing it to your style and liking.

After a few weeks though I found the boppy to be more of a nuisance than a real help for breastfeeding, but was able to find other uses for it. I was great to prop my daughter up so that she could look at other things than just the ceiling!

by Stacy Hanson on Boppy Pillow
Loved it! Great for every stage.

This pillow is just wonderful. Newborns: Breastfeeding. Babies: supports baby while taking a bottle. Sitting up: Put behind baby to catch tip overs. Learning to stand: put around to break falls. Older kids: nap time pillow.

by Angela Black on Boppy Pillow
Just ok for me

I used a boppy for my first and second, getting a new one each time. I found that they seemed to flatten out really fast and as another reviewer pointed out, liquids do leak through and cause stains / odors.

I'm pregnant now and have been using a Blessed Nest nursing pillow for support and I really like that it's filled with buckwheat hulls and conform to my body. I think it'll make a great nursing pillow.

by Alice Cox on Boppy Pillow
Definitely not awesome

I received a boppy after my first child was born and was disappointed with the fit. I'm tall (5' 10") and it never seemed like I could get my son close enough to nurse comfortably.

I was also very disappointed that the cover was NOT waterproof. What was the manufacturer thinking? There's drool, leaking milk, spit up! I washed the pillow according to the directions and it came out lumpy and not very good at all. I stopped using it after that and it's buried in some closet somewhere. I'll try My Brest Friend with my next baby.