Hooter Hider Reviews

hooter hider reviews
Hooter Hider in a floral pattern


Hooter Hider

Made by: Bebe Au Lait

Street Price: $32

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Hooter Hider
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by Sam Runyan on Hooter Hider
Hooter Hider: my favorite

If you'll be breastfeeding in public, the hooter hider is for you! I've use mine over the course of four years, nursing 3 different children and it's held up well (though not perfectly) and is designed in such a way that you can see your baby while nursing in public. It's big enough to cover you completely and looks very stylish. I recommend it to all of my friends and am happy to recommend it to any mom who wants to breastfeed in public!

by HLK on Hooter Hider
Good but not great

For some reason my hooter hider doesn't seem to fit me. I can't get the collar set on my neck in such a way so that I can see my baby. So that's sort of a non-starter. I like the pattern that I picked, but it's a bit loud and seems to attract more attention than it deflects. While I like the idea of it, it just doesn't seem like that great of a product for me. Maybe you'll have better luck!

by Joy Johnson on Hooter Hider
Eye Contact!

With the hooter hider you can look baby in the eyes and make that special bond. It also allows you to see when you have to put baby on or take him off. Just perfect.

by Karen Ryan on Hooter Hider
Good for the clumsy

I know some moms can nurse in public so discretely you'd never know anything was happening by looking at them. I'm not that way. I'm so awkward and clumsy I'm sure I'd flash everyone in site multiple times. Just throwing a blanket over my shoulder doesn't work either - that's just a disaster waiting to happen when my baby grabs that blanket and throws it on the ground then pops off and screams at everyone to "look at mommy's boob".

No Thank You.

The hooter hider does a great job of keeping everything covered and I can relatch baby easily and keep eye contact with the little one. I highly recommend one!

by Southern Mom on Hooter Hider
Fabric disappoints

The shape and design are nice and I appreciate the double frilled edge at the top and bottom, but I was surprised at how cheap the fabric is. It's stiff and rough and no amount of fabric softener has helped. I like that it fits so well in the diaper bag, but if I ever need another cover, I'll look at other options.

by Alyssa Rose on Hooter Hider

I really like the looks of this cover and use it when I'm out or when I have company at home. I do wish the neckline was flexible enough to change the shape (hence the 4 stars, not 5), but I love being able to see my daughter and not have fabric covering her head.