Lansinoh Lanolin Reviews

lansinoh lanolin reviews
Lansinoh Lanolin


Lansinoh Lanolin

Made by: Lansinoh Laboratories Inc

Street Price: $10

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Lansinoh Lanolin
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 7 reviews
by Rachel on Lansinoh Lanolin
Saved My Nips!!!!!

I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 5 months now. I don't know what I would have done without this! I haven't had a cracked nipple yet! I recommend using breast pads because it will stain your clothing.

by Heidi on Lansinoh Lanolin
Will stain

Good product, helped tremendously with my sore, cracked, and burning nipples. Caution as it will stain clothing so make sure you wear shirts you don't care about. Wouldn't recommend using in combo with breast pads as this keeps your nipples too soft and moist. Loose cotton shirt, no bra when possible, and just the lanolin is best, that's why you need a shirt you don't care about as it will get on your shirt. Thank goodness for my husband's T-shirts!

by Natasha Harrington on Lansinoh Lanolin
Saved my breastfeeding

Without lansinoh I wouldn't have been able to keep breastfeeding. Being a new mom I didn't realize I was latching my son incorrectly and that was causing my sore and damaged nipples. Lansinoh soothed my pain and helped me heal. I'd recommend this to any mom who is breastfeeding. It helps right away!

by Mother of 3 on Lansinoh Lanolin
Great product, lousy tube

I love this product! It works, it works, it works. Just be sure to get a different container. I use a small jar with a screw on lid. I squeeze all of the lansinoh out of the tube and put it in the jar. Problem solved.

by Ann Bower on Lansinoh Lanolin
Warm it Up

Wonderful product and well worth the investment. Just be sure to warm it up if it's reluctant to come out of the tube!

by Jessica on Lansinoh Lanolin
Cream prevents damage

This cream will prevent nipple cracking and damage. It doesn't help with soreness, but it does keep your nipples in good shape no matter if you are nursing or pumping. You don't have to use a lot so the small tube usually lasts a while.

by Juanita Cervantes on Lansinoh Lanolin
Great product

I got a sample of this at the hospital and it's been great. It works like it says it will and I like that the tube is so small. It fits in the diaper bag, which it way too full as it is!