Medela Nipple Shield Reviews

medela nipple shields reviews
Medela Contact Nipple Shields


Medela Nipple Shield

Made by: Medela Inc.

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Medela Nipple Shield
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by Ana on Medela Nipple Shield
Wonderful product with a big defect

I recently delivered my fourth baby and all though the baby latched on properly in the first few day she suddenly stopped her pediatrician recommend a nipple shield, most companies have discontinued theirs but not Medela and it is amazing but and this is a huge but for me because I am baby careful with something so delicate like this. The shield does not come with a case and it is a hassle to buy one since you can only find them online. Great product but be prepare to look for a case.

by Leeann K on Medela Nipple Shield
Saved my breastfeeding relationship

After birth my nipples were so sore since baby had a bad latch and bit me a lot. My lactation consultant told me to switch to pumping and giving a bottle. I tried that for a week but everything still hurt. I then switched to the medela nipple shipped and my daughter latched right on during the first try. After just a few days, she made the transition to no shield and everything has been great since!

by Sarah on Medela Nipple Shield

Be very cautious before you use these. My daughter had serious latch issues (total latch refusal, would only fall asleep or scream at the breast) and EVERYONE told me to use these and she would just latch away. Well she would drink from the breast with them, true enough, but it is impossible to get a proper latch while using them (with enough breast tissue in the mouth). So I had EXCRUCIATING pain, bleeding, scabbing,and cracked nipples because she was biting and could only latch onto the tip of my nipple (no areola). The poor latch compromised my milk supply so much so that we had to stop breastfeeding and start bottle feeding because she was losing too much weight and would nurse for over an hour every 2 hours (one hour on, one hour off). We burned through a breastfeeding specialist physician, 2 lactation consultants and 4 months later I am exclusively pumping but my milk supply has never recovered and she has had to have some formula since birth and has never learned to latch onto the breast.

by Julie Hightower on Medela Nipple Shield
Pros and Cons

Pros: It gives your nipples a break so they can heal. If you're ejecting too much milk and choking baby the shield helps them control the volume. Portable!

Cons: It can lower your milk supply! So be sure you're taking herbs (like lactiful) and pumping after each nursing session. They're impossible to find if you forget where you put them. Need to be sized to your nipple (not baby's mouth!). Can cause more gas (from air bubbles). Have to clean them all after each use.

I know there's more cons listed, but this is a great product when used in the right way. Worth a try!

by Jenna Tauber on Medela Nipple Shield
Good transition tool

My baby was 5 weeks early and so couldn't get a good latch or suck strongly enough to remove breast milk. So I had to pump and give him a bottle. I kept trying him on the breast, as the weeks went by, but he never got the hang of a good latch. A lactation consultant recommended I try this breast shields from medela. It worked! He went from the bottle to the shield to the bare breast quickly. That being said, see an LC if you have breastfeeding problems. The shields are no substitute for a good latch.

by Texan Mom on Medela Nipple Shield
Still wearing them

My daughter had such a bad latch that my nipples began to crack and bleed. It took an episode of spitting up blood before I finally called a lactation consultant. Thank goodness for these women! My consultant recommended that I use this nipple shield. My daughter took to them right away and it's a good experience. The pain and nipple damage is gone.

The consultant said that I should only use the shields until my nipples healed but I'm reluctant to go without them. Instead I've bought several pairs to have at the different places I nurse, as well as in the diaper bag. They're a lifesaver and I'm not giving them up now!