Motherlove Nipple Cream Reviews

motherlove nipple cream reviews
Motherlove Nipple Cream


Motherlove Nipple Cream

Made By: Motherlove Herbal Company

Street Price: $9

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Motherlove Nipple Cream
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 9 reviews
by Kimberly West on Motherlove Nipple Cream
A truly great nipple cream!

While you don't get a lot in the jar (you'll be shocked at how tiny it is) this motherlove nipple cream worked wonders for me. My baby never complained about the taste.

I'm allergic to lanolin, so I can't use lansinoh but this worked great on me. I now use it as a lip balm and cuticle softener.

by AmyZ on Motherlove Nipple Cream

This product healed my cracked and damaged nipples extremely fast - I was surprised at how fast. I'd highly recommend this nipple cream to other moms.

by Tonya Harris on Motherlove Nipple Cream
Great for thumb/finger suckers

Motherlove nipple cream has been a great cream but I found another wonderful use for it: thumb and finger suckers! My seven month old was sucking her fingers so much they were getting red and dry. Since the cream can be eaten by babies, it's the perfect thing and it healed her fingers quickly. Yea!

by Sarah Miller on Motherlove Nipple Cream
Angels make it

I'm so happy I bought this before my baby was born. Within a few days of starting breastfeeding I had a cracked and scabby nipple. Just a couple of treatments with this magic nipple cream and it was fully healed. Just like magic. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.

by Calli Mom on Motherlove Nipple Cream
Loved it!

Wow did I have nipple pain. As in taking a steady dose of Tylenol. Lansinoh didn't really help, but when I got motherlove nipple cream - oh yeah! I healed right up and stopped the pain meds. Certified organic - what's not to love?

by Zoey Ziggler on Motherlove Nipple Cream
Many uses!

Great on nipples, sure but I've also used it for chapped, dry hands. Hang nails. Eczema on babies. Cradle cap and more. Wonder cream in a jar, I'd say.

by Mercy Warner on Motherlove Nipple Cream
Worth every penny

With my first baby, a son, I seemed to get thrush all the time. I used lansinoh back then. After the birth of my second, a daughter, a lactation consultant recommended the motherlove nipple cream and I love it! And the best part is that I haven't had thrush at all. Connection? In any case, get this nipple cream, you won't regret it.

by Joan Gilday on Motherlove Nipple Cream
Only one that works for me

As an experienced mom, I've tried every nipple cream on the market and this nipple cream is the best there is. I can get fast relief from sore, dry, cracked nipples in just a few hours and I love that it's all natural and that you don't have to wash it off before breastfeeding. Be aware that it is very oily and will stain clothes and fabric so watch out for that. Otherwise 5 stars all the way!

by Betty Right on Motherlove Nipple Cream
Exclusively pumping

I use this every time I pump to help lubricate the pumping flange and make everything work the way it's supposed to. It works great. I've tried lansinoh and medela's nipple cream but neither works as well as mother love nipple cream. If you pump as much as I do and have sore nipples as a result, get yourself a jar of this good stuff!

My only complaint is that the jar size is so small. I use it every time I pump and am constantly running out. A larger (and less expensive) jar would be a great option.