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my brest friend deluxe pillow reviews
My Brest Friend Deluxe Pillow with Light Green Cover

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow

Made by Zenoff Produts

Street Price: $45

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by Joann Middleton on

This was recommended by my bradley coach and I don't know what I'd do with out it. It supports my back and is so much better for breastfeeding than the boppy (I own both, now). I like the my brest friend so much I bought a second one to have at the other end of the house!

by Linda Farina on
Better than Boppy

I used a boppy with my first child for over 10 months. With my second child, my lactation consultant recommended the my brest friend and it is the bomb. My boppy was so saggy in the middle that I had to put another pillow under it just to get it to work. Not so with my brest friend. It just works. How great is that?

by BrestFriend Believer on
News moms, must have this

Several people recommended the my brest friend but in looking at pictures of it online, it just looked really dorky, so I registered (and got) a boppy instead. While at the hospital, the lactation consultant brought in a MBF and I fell in love. I got one and it was so helpful in the early weeks to get a good start with breast feeding.

It's a pain to put on with it's strap so be prepared to have to put baby down while you're getting the strap on, but other than that it's great. Now that my baby is over two months old, I find I'm using the boppy more, since it's so easy to put on, but I wouldn't trade my experience with the MBF for anything! You'll be amazed at how much it helps breastfeeding

by a. r. anderson on
helped me learn to breastfeed

I couldn't get breastfeeding right until this pillow. It was recommended by a lactation consultant. Once I got it, I got the latch right. It bumps babys head and supports moms back. The boppy didn't help, like this does.

by Marlys' Mom on
It was my best friend!

My first week of breastfeeding was pure torture, my baby's head kept slipping forward on the boppy and she had a terrible latch. I suffered with cracked nipples and a sore back and neck. I had a visit from a lactation consultant and she brought a my brest friend and highly recommended I get one. After see how easy it was to get a good latch, I bought one immediately. The design is smart and everything about it helps with breastfeeding. My first month was so tough breastfeeding, but now I really enjoy it and it was so worth it and my brest friend saved my nursing relationship!

by Jessie Carl on
Back pain for 5 weeks - now gone!

I had back pain for 5 weeks straight using the Boppy, I tend to hunch over when breastfeeding - I know, not the best thing to do. But the boppy seemed up put baby too high up on my body, especially when sitting up in bed. Figuring noting could be worse I order the MBF and I love it. My back pain went away and it is so much better for nursing. I ordered the original, because the deluxe didn't seem like a good value, but I did get the travel pillow accessory - what a wonder idea!

by Tali Griggs on
Supports Breastfeeding!

I have both a boppy and a my brest friend and the my brest friend is hands down the pillow I use for nursing. It's firmer so baby's head doesn't roll into me and it's so easy to get baby's head in the right position for a perfect latch! It works great in the football hold too. My only complaint is the velcro on the strap will attach to my clothing, which is a bit annoying. They should put a cover over the velcro. Other than that tho I've washed the cover several times and it never shrunk and I think this is a tremendous value for what you get! I'd highly recommend.