Hygeia EnJoye-EPS Double Electric Breast Pump Reviews

Hygeia EnJoye-EPS Double Electric Breast Pump Reviews
Hygeia EnJoye-EPS Double Electric Breast Pump


Hygeia EnJoye-EPS Double Electric Breast Pump

Made By: Hygeia Medical Group

Street Price: $218

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So-so pump, poor customer service

The Enjoye pump is a good middle of the road pump with some nice features like the ability to record your baby's sounds and play them back or adjusting the speed of the motor. The problem is that when things go wrong, as they did on my pump, the company will give you a tough time.

So here's the story, my pump broke down and while the company would send me a replacement, they wouldn't overnight it to me, I could pay an extra $90 to have them overnight it. As any mom knows, you can't just go long periods of time without pumping without killing your milk supply, so I felt forced into paying this high extra fee. I think if the company wants to send out defective / poor quality products they should be willing to pay for the upgraded shipping.

Good after initial trouble

The company was out of stock when I order and offered to send me a refurbished pump while I waited. That was a nice touch. When the new pump arrived, I shipped back the refurbished one however that was a mistake, because the new one didn't work!

I called the company and they decided it was a valve problem and sent me replacement valves. That did solve the problem and it's worked like a dream since then. It quiet and powerful. I don't like the flanges as well as the medela pump flanges which come in different sizes (Enjoye has only one size) and are two pieces (Enjoye is one piece and is harder to clean).

Over all I'd say I'm very happy with the purchase of this pump!