The First Years miPump Breast Pump Reviews

The First Years miPump
The First Years miPump Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump

The First Years miPump

Made by: RC2 Brands, Inc.

Street Price: $47 (Single), $62 (Double)

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The First Years miPump
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 12 reviews
by barbara on The First Years miPump
dont waist your money

I purchased this pump thinking I was getting a great value! HA! This pump was a waist of my money!!! I was even more upset because it took me over 1 hr to pump an oz!!! Why you ask? Because the highest setting is the only setting that sucks! The other settings are sooo slow & has no sucking! After two weeks of using the pump, it stoped working!! I called the manafacture and they offered to replace the pump, however it would take 3-5 business days for me to recieve it! Okay? this was the only way that my daughter would recieve brest milk, so now I'm foced to supplemnt why I wait for these idiots! Plus I would have to pay for the return shiping of the defective product!

This product leaks, does not suck, and is a waist of plastic!!!!!!!

Save your money and buy a different kind of pump, because this one only causes problems!!!!

by Cecia Harris on The First Years miPump
Good - for the money

I couldn't afford anything more expensive than this pump and I'm happy to say it's been a good for the one month I have used it. I'm now back at work and it's been working just fine. I think I'll get my money's worth out of it.

by Dawn Cervera on The First Years miPump
Nipple Pain

I only tried this pump three times because it was just killing my nipples. I tried to place the flange correctly each time. I tried different power settings. It was just too tough on me so I gave it up.

by b rivers on The First Years miPump
cute bag, crap pump

i've tried and failed to use the mipump three times. if the suction is turned down to a comfortable setting, i get no milk. if i turn up the suction so that i get mil, its super painful. so while the pump is unusable, i do have to say the bag is cute.

by Wendy G on The First Years miPump
Works fine so far

I started using this pump last week and am pumping 3-4 times per day. The suction is good - not too much and not too little. I docked it a star because you can only use the First Years bottles with this system so it's making me have to do a whole lot more washing than what I want.

by Sandra Rankin on The First Years miPump
Exceptional Value

I'm a stay at home mom and have used this great little pump at times when it's more convenient to pump than to breastfeed. I have even used it during a 5 hour car ride and it performs great every time. I've owned it for 2 months now and haven't seen any loss of suction. For the price, you can't ask for anything better!

by Peggy Hicks on The First Years miPump
Not There When I Need It

When I need this pump the most, it doesn't work. It's just bizarre. I plug it in and all the lights blink on and off but it doesn't function. I've called customer service and they've been no help. I'll be buying a more expensive pump next time.

by Kim Hagan on The First Years miPump
Buy something better

In the hospital I used an ameda pump while my baby was in the NICU. I didn't know how good that pump was until I got home with my baby and started using the mipump which I had gotten as a gift before my boy was born.

Was there ever a difference! The main problem was how long it was taking to empty the breasts. It took upwards of 40 minutes to get the job done and after I returned to work, I only had 20-25 minutes to pump each time and felt like I wasn't getting all of the milk out. To top things off, things started to break after four months.

While I was always careful to properly clean and dry all of the parts moisture still got into the system and destroyed the motor. To their credit the customer service at The First Years was terrific and overnighted me a new motor and new values. That earned the bonus star on what would have been a 1 star review.

The replacement parts latest another month before the system was broken again and I was done with this pump. I choose an ameda truly yours and am so happy. The ameda, drains both breasts in about half the time it took with the mipump, it more comfortable, the bottles are high quality, the bag is better, all around it's a far better pump in every regard.

I've learned my lesson in buying cheap and I hope you can learn through my mistake. If you can afford a better quality pump, buy a better quality pump. You won't regret it!

by Minh Na on The First Years miPump
Value price

I bought mipump 1 month before. I pumping 4 time each day and it working good in to that price.

by Karen Miller on The First Years miPump

Condensation built up in the motor and killed my first mipump after just a few weeks. Luckily the product has a 90 day warrantee. I was sent a replacement that lasted just 6 weeks. Now the third is on it's way, but my 90 days is almost up (they only count it from the first pump you buy - replacements don't reset your 90 days). Once this third one breaks, I'll be looking elsewhere, and you should too.

by Amber Edwards on The First Years miPump
Good so far

I wanted to pump some extra milk for the freezer so that I could have the option to leave baby with the hubby for the afternoon and I could go out. I was hesitant to buy this pump since there were bad reviews (as well as good ones), I'm happy I did and this pump has done what I asked it.

by Andrea Bush on The First Years miPump
Good for the price

This is a great little pump for the price (cheap!). It's not for a working mom who needs to pump frequently, but if you're only going to be pumping a couple times a week, this is a wonderful breast pump.