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by Diana Hernandez on
lactic review

I wasn't able to breast feed my first son because of low milk supply. My family know how stressful and emotional it was for me to not be able to breast feed my son. My cousin suggested that I try lactiful with my second son. I have had success this time. I have seen a drastic difference with and without lactiful. I have even purchased this product for my sister that just had twins. I am going on to 5 months with breast feeding and pumping.

by Nikki Sunderland on
Lactiful; unbelievably helpful

This product worked so quickly. It was such a blessing, I am very thankful.

by Kaitlin Woods on
Saved my milk and worked fast!!

I am the mom to 4 wonderful little boys and had supply issues with the first 3. I would feed them and they were always still fussy and wanting more and then my milk dried up at around 2 months. This time around I have a now 6 week old baby and found the Lactiful website about 3 weeks ago. I was skeptically because of the price but decided with the money back guarantee it was worth a try and I am so glad I decided to order it. I received the product in 2 days and within 48 hours of starting to take it I noticed a big difference. I had more milk than I had ever had and I had one very satisfied baby!! I would recommend Lactiful to anyone struggling with low supply, it worked for me and it can work for you too!

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