Moby Wrap Baby Carrier Reviews

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier Reviews
Moby Wrap Baby Carrier


Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Made by: Moby Wrap Inc.

Street Price: $39

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Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
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by Juanita Echeverria on Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Baby loves it and I love it!

I used a regular front carrier with my first two kids, but with my son, it seemed as though his head was flopping around so I tried the moby wrap and am I ever glad I did. He feels nice and secure and enjoys being in the wrap and I like that I can tend the other two children and the house. It's a win for every one in the house!

by molly jung on Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Love it!

I had this on and baby in it within minutes of opening the package. It's really simple to use and baby seems to like it just fine. It does get a bit warm, but so did my other carrier.

by Sophie's Mom on Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Not easy enough for me

Both my husband and I tried to get this wrap to work, but never felt like it was tight enough to support our newborn so we stopped trying and got a carrier that we could just set her in. Maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance but the moby warp was just too difficult with a newborn in the house.

by Mitzi Jones on Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Excellent baby carrier

While the moby wrap is tricky to get on the first few times you try, keep at it, by the 4th try it'll be easy as sunshine. Once you have it figured out you will enjoy wearing your baby, having your hands free and being comfortable for long stretches of time.

About the only thing negative I have to say is that the fabric doesn't breathe well and so on hot days you're going to sweat.

by Palm Tree Mommy on Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Not for Warm Climates!

This wrap is insanely hot in warm weather, so don't get it unless you like sweating all over your baby.

by Jennifer Kastner on Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Easy and hands-free

We got the moby wrap last week and have tried the newborn "hug" hold and it was simple to do and my six week old seems to like it well enough. It gives me some hands-free time to do a few light tasks. I'm looking forward to trying the other carries once he's older.

by Doc Gail on Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Four Family Can't Be Wrong

After struggling with a sling with our first baby, on advice from our pediatrician, we decided to try the moby. It's not a sling but a wrap that securely holds baby while being comfortable for the wearer (mom or dad!) Since our fantastic experience we've share our story with three other families who have all purchased moby wraps and they all agree it's the best carrier available. You won't be disappointed either!

by D Kiesewetter on Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
So comfortable

Getting the moby on can be a challenge as there's like 15 feet of it, but once it's on it's so comfortable. Both of my girls can tolerate to be in it for a really long time (well over an hour, not including sleeping time). And all the while I don't feel any back or shoulder pain. I use this every time I go grocery shopping and it's well worth the price.

by Jessie L on Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
My favorite

I have 3 carriers total and this is my favorite. The fabric is wonderfully stretchy and is perfect for smaller babies who want to feel swaddled. There's no buckles or rings or velcro or anything that's scratchy so it's comfortable for the mom and the baby. You can do different carries with it and they distribute the weight evenly across your back and shoulders so it's easy to wear for long periods of time.

I only rated it four stars because there is a learning curve to it and it does take some practice. If you're new to it, try practicing with a bag of flour.